The Arrow Mocassin Company of Hudson, MA is in my backyard but like all things good and quality Arrow lays low. When your  handmade moccasins are as good as this, then why bother? Luckily for us Valet did a nice spot on the Arrow Lace Boot. “They’re warm, they’re classic, and they’ve been hand-stiched in Massachusetts from Englishtanned Swiss leather for five decades. The standard model is unlined, but for a few extra bucks you can have them lined with plush sheepskin.” But they’re collection also includes a variety of other models, all for that matter, sell for under 200$US. Now, their website is old school with its Web 1.0 feel but being modern is not what Arrow is about. When you make a shoe this cool, you may as well stay lo-fi and focus on the build. Loving the Bush Boot.

More at Arrow Moccasin Company.

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