Recently, our friend and Columnist, Michael Williams, wrote a post discussing the common focus on “hyper” priced goods. Specifically, he discussed the Timex Camper and Timex Expedition Camper watches, which drew much attention, not only for their beauty but for its incredibly reasonable price-point (Camper at $22 and Expedition Camper at $18!) – bucking this trend.

“I’ve been wearing the Camper Expedition (which I bought on Amazon for … $18 I think) for about the last six weeks and nearly everyday someone asks me what it is. It’s amazing to me how many people comment about it. Pound for pound, dollar for dollar it is probably the most remarked item I have ever owned. This all made me think that I need to do a better job of seeing what’s in front of me”

Well said, Michael.

More looks at the Timex Men’s Camper Watches after the click.

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