Some will argue this, but the NATO strap is going to stick around for some time. For one thing, having strap or bracelet options for timepiece keeps your look refreshed as often (or not) as you need it to work for you. I’ve moved back onto a rubber strap for my Breitling, but who knows how quickly I’ll get bored with that shit too. The NATO strap in the original nylon take is a proper summer addition and in today’s world, you can choose between countless color options. We recommend sticking with the solids, though.

For those looking to get a little dirty and break in some leather, consider the DaLuca Leather straps, available in solid colors of blue, green, and Horween leather browns. You’ll pay a bit for them as they range from $145 – $175 (Horween raises the price as does the PVD blasted hardware options). Wear what you like. It is your watch at the end of the day. (gq)

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