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Today we present a new series of t-shirts from Parisian brand Géométrick. By now we all know that the pocket tee concept is a winner at the moment. Everybody is doing them and they work well for everybody. From Liberty fabrics, to camo and leopard patterns, we have seen a lot in the last months, with some brands even entirely concentrating on the trend.

Nevertheless we want to show you what Géométrick has to offer, because we find it rather unique and interesting. Instead of sourcing interesting pattern fabrics to use as pockets on their t-shirts, they decided to source real vintage Hermès and Chanel (and other French high fashion brands) silk scarves and use those in order to build a chest pocket on their tees. The outcome is a collection of one off tees that will be coming to select retailers in the next weeks.

colette already has some in stock here.

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