From the ground up

Try as you might continue to wear your slim-fitting, aerodynamic running sneakers – with their innovative technological uppers and vibrant colors made all the more possible by the latter – they just will not cut it this winter. You’ll only live a life of regret at the number of limited edition sneakers that have been ruined by the elements. Clean them up, put them back in their boxes and save them for when the warmth of the sun is overpowering everything else. So in the meantime, you’re going to need something sturdy enough to tide you over.

Boots are a viable option if you are willing to up the dressiness of your usual style and have a few more hundred dollars to burn. Luckily, sneaker brands have distinctly upped their winter game. Nike set the bar with their SneakerBoot collection, which elevates classic Nike silhouettes for rugged resistance to the elements. And now a whole host of brands have jumped on board, producing sneakers that will ensure your crep game is on point, whatever the weather. With the exception of two European-priced kicks, all the above can be had for under $200 USD.

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