Joey Roth‘s ceramic speakers and subwoofer can safely be called modern icons of speaker design. His cone-shaped two-channel system is a good one, delivering clear highs and mids while pairing well with the similarly formed white ceramic subwoofer.

With the boom in wireless audio, Roth has added a new component to his line-up: a Bluetooth ready receiver that streams most audio files, including lossless FLAC and AAC files in, 96 KHz, 24 bit over-the-air (Roth tells us that output  from his Bluetooth, wireless audio is indistinguishable from wired connections). Housed in a cast iron enclosure wrapped in steel and birch, the Joey Roth Bluetooth receiver also features RCA output jacks for connecting to other stereo component.

Joey Roth Ceramic Speakers ($495), subwoofer ($695) and Bluetooth ($175) receiver are available through their online store and Amazon.

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