We showed you a quick list of camping essentials last spring, but with it getting warmer and sunnier we felt it’s time to get a bit more into it. If you’ve been dreaming about a nice camping trip with friends and family or on your own, you sure can find something here to satisfy your needs. If you’re not the hardcore camping type, then let this be your introduction to how you should start investing to become one. Make sure to check out our list of the best travel cameras, too.

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Poler Stuff “Le Tente” Car Rooftop Tent

Poler‘s “Le Tente” is a car rooftop unit that easily folds out to a tent for two. The sleeper is made from waterproof canvas and comes with a ladder and queen-size foam mattress. As an added bonus, you’ll also feel an increased amount of camp vibes. ($1,000)


Kammok Roo Hammock

Kammok offer the Roo, what they call “the world’s best camping hammock.” Made of the brand’s proprietary LunarWave diamond ripstop fabric, the Roo is ultra-lightweight, breathable and tear-resistant, roomy enough for two people. The Roo also collapses into a compact sack, “down to the size of an angry blowfish.” If you’re worried about bugs getting at you while you Roo, you can get this version with a net. #theroolife ($99)


Airstream 2014 Sport 16 Travel Trailer

The Airstream Sport combines an ultra-lightweight aluminum camper that ensures a positive fuel economy. With a spacious floor plan that comfortably sleeps two to four people, the trailer proves size doesn’t matter by including all the amenities of a home – large sleeping quarters, kitties, full baths, high-end electronics and ample storage space. The Sport is fit for any long-term trip and can be pulled by any kind of vehicle because of a one axle chassis. ($41,705)


Keen Uneek Water Sandal

You may remember seeing these in last week’s In The Mail. If you’re trekking out into any wet environments, these are a must. The Uneek is a clever blend of sneaker and sandal: the soles are substantial and quite comfy while the upper is made from woven bungie cord. Trust us, your feet will thank you. ($100)


Tentsile Connect Tree Tent

The Connect Tree Tent by Tensile is an easily-assembled all-terrain camping shelter that firmly suspends in the air by tension to protect you and your equipment from wet ground, rocks, and predators. Perfect for any outdoors trip, the tent comes in a variety of colors and has removable rain and insect sheets to allow breathability and star-gazing sleep time. ($599)


Conqueror Australia UEV-440

The UEV-440 is a luxury camper trailer that includes everything that is needed for a long-term camping trip. Two beds, diesel hot water, state-of-the-art suspension, interior heating and cooling, a shower, fridge, freezer, full kitchen, and a flatscreen DVD player make this sport trailer a second home. Get out there and travel without limits. ($49,990


Icebreaker Everyday Boxers with Fly

Underwear may be more of an everyday essential, but this item is on our list because when it comes to camping, any old boxers will not cut it. That is why we chose a pair with these perks: 100% merino, lightweight, odor-resistant and anti-chafe stitching. ($35)


Due Ancore B\STEAK Meat Cutter

Due Ancore, an Italian cutlery brand established in 1885, design the B\STEAK “culinary scalpel.” The utensil is made of a single piece of stainless steel, compacting control and precision into a blade less than two inches long. The knife is specifically designed to cut meat, so you’ll be well-prepared to carve anything you need while you’re out camping. The retro box that the knife comes packaged in features an abrasive side plate so you can sharpen it too. Available soon, here.


King Oscar Double Layer Sardines

Whilst camping, obtaining the proper nutrients can be a problematic task. However, this can of King Oscar Sardines is packed with omega-3 fatty acids to help keep your body running. Not only is it “relatively” healthy, but it is also a good travel snack as it requires zero refrigeration and can satisfy your sodium-craving taste buds. ($37)


Czech Military Surplus Signal Flares

Like any individual venturing out into mother nature, you may be worried about being trapped between two large boulders like Aron Ralston or trapped anywhere for that matter. With these 10 rounds of signal flares, that is no longer a concern. ($80)


Thermos Vacuum Insulated Hydration Bottle

No matter how hot or cold it is, Thermos has you covered. Their vacuum-insulated 22-oz. Hydration Bottle is designed to keep drinks cold for 24 hours and is built to last any impact because of a rubberized shock-absorbing base and stainless steel body. With a patented design, Thermos offer the best compact bottles at a fraction of the market average price. ($40)


Bedwin & The Heartbreakers Bobby Weapon Boonie Hat

A camping trip is not a camping trip with out a bucket hat. If you’re planning on fishing, then there is no way around it — you need one. We’ve taken a liking to this military-inspired Boonie hat by Bedwin & the Heartbreakers. Your grandfather would be proud. ($150)


REI Flash Sleeping Bag

REI offer the Flash Sleeping bag as an ideal sleeper for warm-weather camping. It is light, waterproof, and breathable and features ripstop nylon to ensure a top-tier sleeping experience time and time again. The differentiated hood and neck drawcords simplify bag adjustments, allowing customizable levels of insulation. ($279)


Topo Designs Roll Top

With the expandable capabilities of a roll top and the easy access of a front loader, the Topo Designs handmade Roll Top backpack allows you to stuff everything your trip demands with ease. The vinyl-lined interior ensures waterproof safety for all your belongings and the quilted mesh back pad provides all-day comfort while you haul your gear. The pack is available in a multitude of colorways. ($198)


Burts Bees Herbal Insect Repellant

What’s worse than an itchy mosquito bite? DEET, a toxic synthetic found in many commercial bug sprays. Luckily, there’s Burt’s Bees Herbal Insect Repellant, a 100% natural blend of mosquito-fighting oils that prove to be just as effective as DEET and while smelling better too. ($8)


Sony DEV-50 Digital Recording Binoculars

The Sony DEV-50 is ideal for the greatest bird watching experience of your life. No matter what the elements throw at you, the weatherproof digital recording binoculars will have you in the field observing and capturing targets with an HD image-stabilized 20.4-megapixel still and 1080/60p video capture. At a pound and 14 ounces, the camera is much lighter than its competitors and won’t contribute any weight to your already large haul. ($2,000)


Best Made Co. Lensatic Cruiser Compass

No camping guide is complete without a Best Made item. The tool we chose is a German-engineered pocket-sized compass. This seemingly simple offering includes a clinometer and bubble level, inch and millimeter scales, and much more. ($168)


Filson Log Carrier

The above bag is a specialized carrier that most would overlook when determining the necessary utilities for camping. This rugged twill and bridle leather pouch eliminates multiple trips, from the woods to the campsite, as it is designed to hold “all the firewood you can handle.” ($88)


Sog BladeLight Folder

What, at first glance, appears to be a switchblade, is also a handy flashlight. With 6 LEDs and a 3.9-inch knife blade, this tool is well-suited for slicing a steak during the midnight hours or fending off wolves. Let’s hope you don’t encounter the latter situation, though. ($85)


Goal Zero Lighthouse Portable Battery Charger, USB Hub and Lantern

As you may or may not know, campsites are pitch-black immediately after sunset. This means it is imperative that you are equipped with a light source. This particular lantern is essential for long trips because it does not rely on batteries and it is also lined with a USB connector, perfect for recharging your mobile devices. ($80

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