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Who wouldn’t want their daughter to marry James Franco? One man who certainly wouldn’t is Bryan Cranston – at least not in this upcoming movie.

Why Him? sees Ned (Bryan Cranston) play an overprotective but loving father as he and his family go to visit his daughter at Stanford. But what should be a love-filled, happy trip over the holiday season turns sour when Ned meets his worst nightmare: his daughter’s bat shit crazy, socially-awkward Silicon Valley billionaire boyfriend, Laird (James Franco.)

Ned thinks Laird, who owns a huge mansion and has absolutely no filter when it comes to saying what is on his mind, is a grossly inappropriate match for his daughter (played by Zoey Deutch.) Obviously, what happens next is that Laird decides to marry her and has just a few short days to win Ned over.

Watch the funny first trailer above.

After you’re finished, find out how much the crew earns on a $200 million blockbuster movie.

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