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Photographer Duran Levinson presents an exclusive photo gallery from Seoul, showcasing the street and fashion culture that makes South Korea’s capital such a visually interesting place.

Including street snaps mixed with some fashion editorial-style images, Levinson uses some of the city’s best known locations as backdrops in his gallery, which features local models Choyu, Beck and Erika. Places + Faces founder Ciesay also makes an appearance in the photo set, which is further explained by Levinson below.

“Seoul is a city that has an advanced blend of culture, traditions, fashion, self-expressionism and amazing food, mixed with a crazy party and drinking culture. I learned on my first night out drinking soju that ‘every day is Friday in Korea.’

Between the hangovers and heat waves I was able to link up with some photographers and crews such as Places + Faces from London and work on some lookbooks and personal projects of my own. This small set of photos encompasses a bigger project that involved shooting in five Asian countries within two months for my next book, titled I’m Fine Today, a self-published venture that will be out early next year. More photos from this project and the rest of the countries can be found on my website, as well as some prints, zines and T-shirts.”

Now check out another view of Seoul through the lens of photographer Akhil Sesh.

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