Where the runway meets the street

While most associate A$AP Mob with music, thanks to heavyweights Rocky and Ferg, the crew has never been focused on just that industry alone. A$AP Bari, for example, is the brains behind the burgeoning VLONE clothing label that has come on strong over the past year.

In a new interview with French publication Dull, Bari in turn discussed his future plans for VLONE, spanning far beyond that of fashion even.

The conversation kicked off with the A$AP Mob member disclosing that he’s consistently focused on three things: music, food and clothes.

“My whole thing is clothes, food, music. That’s my whole shit. Anything that I’d like to produce is either clothes, food or music,” Bari insisted.

In delving deeper, he went on to reveal what he sees for VLONE in the months and years to come.

“I’m trying to be on my Nigo shit. I gotta get a VLONE barbershop. A VLONE cafe, a VLONE parfait. VLONE everything.”

For A$AP Bari’s entire conversation with Dull, pick up an issue on newsstands today.

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