From the ground up

As one of the more futuristic shoes in the footwear game today, Reebok’s Pump Supreme is naturally going to take cues from all realms of wearable tech. A natural influencer in both product innovation and practical design, the military is the perfect inspiration for Reebok’s forward-thinking Pump Supreme. Following in the footsteps of the Pump Supreme “Engineers”, “Jacquard Tape” and “Hoodie” iterations, Reebok is introducing the “Rilla” Pump Supreme.

Inspired by guerilla military camouflage, the “Rilla” pack aims for a fusion of modern street-ready design and military tech. Setting itself apart from its Pump Supreme siblings, the “Rilla” pack incorporates a mircopixel camo upper and military parachute cord details. Produced in both white and rose pink monochromatic colorways, the effect is unafraid to stand out, yet remains surprisingly subtle.

Of course, like other Pump Supreme models, the “Rilla” pack includes several details that fans have come to expect from the silhouette, including a comfortable carbonate foam midsole, a reengineered fit sleeve for a refined fit, and the Pump Technology air primer, natch.

Following in the footsteps of its preceding pack releases, the Pump Supreme “Rilla” brings its concept to life with both flash and function. Look out for the “Rilla” pack when it hits shelves on April 6.

  • Source: Reebok
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