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Not only has Stephen King’s IT broken box office records (grossing an insane $117 million on opening weekend) and received huge critical acclaim, but it’s also left fans obsessing over hidden references from the original book, the ’90s miniseries, and other classic horror films.

The above video breaks down all the Easter Eggs, references and deleted scenes you may have missed from IT. Firstly, this remake is released exactly 27 years after the original mini series: given that Pennywise is said to return to haunt the town every 27 years, the release date itself is a reference for those in the know.

Elsewhere, the narrator explains that a very bloody scene is an homage to Nightmare on Elm Street, and there are ’80s pop culture references dotted throughout.

He then lists the scenes missing from the film, including ones that explain Pennywise’s origin and show the alternative forms the monster can take. Watch the video above.

In other movie news, the Star Wars universe just lost another director.

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