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Art & Design Sep 1, 2014

The Davis Residence by Miller Hull

Architects Miller Hull have recently completed their latest property in rural Washington State. Dubbed “The Davis Residence,” the 1,400-square-foot house is located on a wooded cliff site with views of the state’s coastal San Juan… Read more
Art & Design Aug 29, 2014

Snow Peak Stacking Shelf Container 50

Outdoor goods company Snow Peak presents their latest rugged design in the form of the Stacking Shelf Container 50. Started in Japan’s Sanjo City, known locally as a hardware town, the units can be locked in two different configurations… Read more
Art & Design Aug 29, 2014


Japanese label UNDERCOVER presents the latest in their line of bizarre “GILAPPLE” products. An apple-shaped light doesn’t sound like the most appealing product in the world, but after producing charming Hello Kitty in collaboration… Read more
Art & Design Aug 28, 2014

Four Houses in Baleia by Studio Arthur Casas

What’s better than one beautifully designed house by the beach in Brazil? How about four of them. Architecture practice Studio Arthur Casas made the decision to build four identical houses next to each other, each one slightly offset to… Read more
Art & Design Aug 28, 2014

Most Expensive Apartment in the World Due to Go On Sale

If you’re prone to bouts of jealousy, look away now. This utterly implausible penthouse apartment sits atop the Odeón Tower in the millionaire’s playground of Monaco (where else?), and is predicted to hit the market at just under $400… Read more
Art & Design Aug 27, 2014

Highsnobiety Visits | Lot 180 Inaugural Exhibition

We head to New York’s NoLIta neighborhood to check out Lot 180, a temporary exhibit and sale showcasing works from New York’s golden era of art. The brainchild of collector Ron Kosa, the space is home to a colorful array … Read more
Art & Design Aug 27, 2014

5 Upcoming Urban Photographers to Watch in 2014

After taking a look at 10 of the most influential skate photographers of all time, we shift our focus to the world of urban photography. With an ever-increasing number of photographers out there, gaining recognition and standing out can be… Read more
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