Cars Oct 13, 2014

Tesla Unveils 2015 Model S P85D

Automotive innovators Tesla have lifted the veil on their latest high-end vehicle, with a 2015 version of their Model S, dubbed the Model S P85D. The electric sedan boasts acceleration of 0-62mph in a staggering 3.2 seconds, with an equally… Read more
Cars Oct 13, 2014

20 Cars that Changed the Automotive Industry Forever

Over the years, there have been thousands of car models, some very beautiful, many more less so. Others have been extremely fast, spacious, capable, etc. The car has typically evolved with most manufacturers content to imitate rather than… Read more
Cars Oct 10, 2014

Ferrari F60 America

Ferrari once again proves why they’re one of the world’s foremost automakers with the unveiling of the F60 America. Named in celebration of the Italian car manufactuer marking six decades of selling cars in the United States, the F60 is… Read more
Cars Oct 9, 2014

A Recap of Mondial de l’Automobile 2014 in Paris

One of the world’s foremost automobile trade shows, Mondial de l’Automobile 2014 was recently held in Paris, and we were able to attend to witness the latest announcements. The comprehensive exhibition of course entailed a superlative… Read more
Cars Oct 9, 2014

Lexus Unveils NX Compact Crossover SUV

Lexus recently pulled back the drapes on the all-new NX, the latest addition to the Japanese car manufacturer’s compact crossover class. Targeting the young, urban drivers, Lexus has tacked on a bevy of new technical add-ons including a… Read more
Cars Oct 8, 2014

2015 Porsche 911 GTS

Bridging the gap between the 911 Carrera S and racetrack-tested 911 GT3, Porsche has unveiled the 2015 911 Carrera GTS models. The GTS is available as coupe and cabriolet versions, with rear-wheel drive or all-wheel drive. Several technical… Read more
Cars Oct 6, 2014

Hennessey Unveils Supercharged 2015 Ford Mustang

This past week the tuners over at Hennessey unveiled their new 2015 HPE700 Mustang. Built on top of the Mustang GT, the standard 5.0-liter V8 engine has been tuned to 717 hp, which gets the sports car from 0 to 100 … Read more
Cars Oct 2, 2014

Rolls-Royce Debuts Phantom Metropolitan Collection

Rolls-Royce brings a bespoke touch to its latest meticulously-made Phantom Metropolitan collection. While many customers of the esteemed automotive company will desire distinguishing features to make their car unique from others… Read more
Cars Oct 2, 2014

Audi TT Sportback Concept

Audi has officially introduced the five-door TT Sportback concept featuring Mars red paintwork and an engine that puts out 400 horsepower – capable of 0-60 mph in under 3.9 seconds. The concept’s suspension and low center of gravity… Read more
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