Design Jul 1, 2014

Givenchy Robotics by Simeon Georgiev

Bulgarian artist Simeon Georgiev is back with another series of designs exclusively for Highsnobiety. Following his Nike Robotics exercise, Georgiev sets his sights on the recent works by French fashion house Givenchy. Using the same… Read more
Design Jun 30, 2014

Hotel SP34 Opens in Copenhagen

Taking over the site of the former Hotel Fox, Brøchner Hotels has given the space a complete overhaul and presents the new Hotel SP34 in Copenhagen. Named for its address, Sankt Peders Stræde 34, the hotel’s design is a nod to … Read more
Design Jun 20, 2014

Café DALI by Annvil

Recently opened in Latvia’s capital Riga, Café DALI has been designed with the spirit of the Spanish surrealist painter Salvador Dali. Interior designer Anna Butele of studio Annvil was responsible for the design, which includes Dali… Read more
Design Jun 6, 2014

Classic Video Games in the Real World by Victor Sauron

Graphic artist Victor Sauron has created this cool series of illustrations, where iconic scenes from 8-bit video games have been spliced into real-world locations reflecting their original setting. Characters from childhood favorites like… Read more
Design Jun 6, 2014

A Look Inside The Graham & Co. Hotel

Opened in July 2013, The Graham & Co. hotel lies in Phoenicia, in the Catskills in upstate New York. Featuring 20 rooms, the hotel is inspired by the heritage of the region and fuses rustic charm with modern amenities, making … Read more
Design Jun 2, 2014

Famous Movie Cars by Jesus Prudencio

Spanish designer Jesus Prudencio has released a series of prints depicting the iconic vehicles featured in some of the world’s most evocative films. The illustrator has included Back to the Future‘s DeLorean and the Ghostbusters‘ Ecto-1… Read more
Design May 31, 2014

Did You Ever Wonder Who Makes the WWE Championship Belts?

While they’re one part decoration and equal parts a bludgeoning device, the championship belts associated with professional wresting – and WWE/WWF in particular – are some of the most unique items in sports entertainment. Enter Dave… Read more
Design May 27, 2014

SOPHNET. x Medicom Toy VCD Mickey Mouse with Football

As most of you know, the Japanese team behind SOPHNET. is very much into football, best shown through its ongoing Nike collaboration on the F.C.R.B. line. In time for the FIFA World Cup 2014, SOPHNET. has now teamed up with … Read more
Design May 26, 2014

BEAMS x Coleman Bandana Collection

Japanese retailer BEAMS teams up with famed outdoor equipment manufacturer Coleman on a collection of goods for the warm, sunny days ahead. Outfitted in an on-trend paisley pattern, the collection is comprised of arm chairs, double chairs… Read more
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