Design Nov 20, 2013

CASE STUDYO x Parra “Vaso Di Culo” Porcelain Vase

Dutch artist Parra continues his ongoing collaboration with art house CASE STUDYO and drops another porcelain version of his well-known fantasy creatures. The “Vaso Di Culo” porcelain vase is modeled on the chopped and rounded female… Read more
Design Nov 1, 2013

Starbucks Reinvents the Coffee Cup With New Design

Starbucks has reinvented the traditional takeaway coffee cup with a new design specifically for its newly opened Teavana tea bar in New York City. Designed to evoke the feeling of drinking from porcelain china, the new cup features a… Read more
Design Oct 28, 2013

The Evolution of the Apple Desktop Computer

Romanian illustrator Andrei Boghita presents a graphic documenting the evolution of Apple’s desktop computers. Starting with the Apple I, the graphic includes the Apple II, Apple III, Apple Lisa, Apple Macintosh 128K, Apple IIc, Apple… Read more
Design Oct 15, 2013

Charles Krafft x FUCT Jesus Malverde Incense Chamber

Seattle-based artist Charles Krafft and FUCT have partnered for a limited edition hand-painted Jesus Malverde incense chamber. The incense chamber showcases the artist’s signature delft style and interpretation of a classic folk saint… Read more
Design Oct 14, 2013

John & Table “Race” Carbon Fiber Table

With a focus on material refinement, customization and size, John & Table present their latest product “Race,” a high-end table made of carbon fiber, aluminum, sports car-like leather and alcantara elements. The table top is made of… Read more
Design Oct 9, 2013

Stephen Kenn “Inheritance” Furniture Collection

Stephen Kenn presents his complete “Inheritance” furniture collection for all of you military buffs and/or minimalist lovers. The steel-welded frames of the collection feature a marbled brown finish while custom webbing belts, smooth… Read more
Design Oct 8, 2013

Ping Pong Table by Antoni Pallejà Office

The Ping Pong Table by Barcelona studio Antoni Pallejà Office conveys the warmth required for the home, without losing its sporty look. The table’s net is crafted as a piece of upholstery, using top quality brand fabrics combined with… Read more
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