Gadgets Sep 4, 2013

Jawbone Introduces the MINI JAMBOX

Following up from their collaboration with Supreme, Jawbone unveils the newest gadget in their portable speaker lineup, the MINI JAMBOX. With dimensions that measure in at 6.06″ x 0.96″ x 2.28″ and a weight of nine ounces, Jawbone’s latest… Read more
Gadgets Sep 3, 2013

Enfojer, the Portable Smartphone Photographic Enlarger

It seems like nostalgia is kicking in on all fronts for vintage photography lately, what with the unveiling of Fujifilm’s Instax mini 90 NEO CLASSIC and now the Enfojer. In a word, the portable gadget prints black-and-white photographs from… Read more
Gadgets Aug 31, 2013

The Smartphone Spy Lens: A 90° Periscoping Lens

The Spy Lens is a tiny new gadget that you can attach to your smartphone enabling you to take photos at a 90° angle. The contraption allows you to periscope around a corner, snap candid shots of your camera-shy kids … Read more
Gadgets Aug 31, 2013

Stack Concept Printer by Mugi Yamamoto

The Stack concept printer by industrial designer Mugi Yamamoto is a compact inkjet printer that is placed on top of a paper pile. When printing, Stack slowly moves downwards and “swallows” the pile until no paper is left. The paper … Read more
Gadgets Aug 26, 2013

Buyer’s Guide: 10 of the Best Bluetooth Speakers

Bluetooth used to be the most popular feature on a mobile phone. Sharing things wirelessly blew my tiny mind, even if all I did have to share was an over-pixelated early adoption of the “selfie.” Nowadays, our cellphones have internet… Read more
Gadgets Aug 25, 2013

Apple Releases Trailer for the Redesigned Mac Pro

Apple has begun showing the “trailer” for the upcoming Mac Pro in movie theaters across the country. First airing at WWDC earlier this year, the video shows the sleek black curves of the highly anticipated product from various angles. The… Read more
Gadgets Aug 24, 2013

Vintage Radio Style Dock for iPhones

Shaped after a vintage radio, this iPhone dock blends a nostalgic design with today’s latest technology. It supports both iPhone 4 and 5, and also acts as a charging station – just pull the the iPhone connector through the dock. … Read more
Gadgets Aug 23, 2013

Canon PowerShot N Includes Facebook Share Button

Following the unveiling of the PowerShot G16, Canon debuts the PowerShot N which, among other features, includes a Facebook button for easy sharing. The point-and-shoot camera features a unique square design, allowing it to be rotated and… Read more
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