Gadgets Sep 8, 2013

Marshall Headphones Stanmore Speaker

Marshall Headphones adds another model to their home speaker lineup following the success of their popular Hanwell. Featuring a similar throwback design as its predecessor, the Stanmore yields clean sound even at high levels via Bluetooth… Read more
Gadgets Sep 7, 2013

Philips M1X-DJ Turns Your iPad into a Mixing Deck

Philips‘ latest portable DJing gadget, the M1X-DJ, is both an iPad dock and mixing deck. The device links an iPad with the djay 2 app and provides both sound and mixing pads for an immersive experience. Specs include 80 watts of power and… Read more
Gadgets Sep 5, 2013

ZEUS, the World’s First All-in-One 3D Copy Machine

Although 3D printing has yet to catch on en masse, the folks from AIO Robotics have already developed the world’s first all-in-one 3D copy machine. Dubbed ZEUS, the device allows users to scan, print, copy and fax 3D objects with … Read more
Gadgets Sep 4, 2013

Samsung GALAXY Gear Smartwatch

Samsung has unveiled the GALAXY Gear, a smartwatch that further integrates the Samsung GALAXY experience into everyday life. The GALAXY Gear notifies users of incoming messages, such as calls, texts, emails and alerts, delivers a preview of… Read more
Gadgets Sep 4, 2013

Jawbone Introduces the MINI JAMBOX

Following up from their collaboration with Supreme, Jawbone unveils the newest gadget in their portable speaker lineup, the MINI JAMBOX. With dimensions that measure in at 6.06″ x 0.96″ x 2.28″ and a weight of nine ounces, Jawbone’s… Read more
Gadgets Sep 3, 2013

Enfojer, the Portable Smartphone Photographic Enlarger

It seems like nostalgia is kicking in on all fronts for vintage photography lately, what with the unveiling of Fujifilm’s Instax mini 90 NEO CLASSIC and now the Enfojer. In a word, the portable gadget prints black-and-white photographs… Read more
Gadgets Aug 31, 2013

The Smartphone Spy Lens: A 90° Periscoping Lens

The Spy Lens is a tiny new gadget that you can attach to your smartphone enabling you to take photos at a 90° angle. The contraption allows you to periscope around a corner, snap candid shots of your camera-shy kids … Read more
Gadgets Aug 31, 2013

Stack Concept Printer by Mugi Yamamoto

The Stack concept printer by industrial designer Mugi Yamamoto is a compact inkjet printer that is placed on top of a paper pile. When printing, Stack slowly moves downwards and “swallows” the pile until no paper is left. The paper … Read more
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