Grooming Aug 1, 2014

Jack Earl Company Grooming & Beard Care Products

Jack Earl Company unveil their latest line of organic, handmade men’s grooming goods, with a line of products that have been lovingly produced and hand-labeled, just like a vintage whiskey. With beard oil, mustache wax, aftershave… Read more
Grooming Jul 10, 2014

COMME des GARCONS “Wonderoud” Perfume

COMME des GARCONS introduces their latest fragrance, the “Wonderoud.” Known as the Black Gold of Perfumers, Oud features an aromatic resin, scented with subtle notes. Traditionally used for only the most precious and mythical… Read more
Grooming Jun 11, 2014

Watch Harmony Korine’s Dior “Addict” Commercial

Film director and longtime Supreme collaborator Harmony Korine has directed the latest ad for Dior’s “Addict” fragrance. The sultry film sees the director play with an Alice in Wonderland-style narrative, as a waif character is… Read more
Grooming May 5, 2014

I Love Ugly “FRANK” Cologne

New Zealand menswear experts I Love Ugly release its first ever fragrance. Titled “FRANK,” the cologne has been carefully crafted over the last 18 months and the brand aimed for it to encapsulate the same values and inspirations as… Read more
Grooming Nov 14, 2013

COMME des GARCONS Perfume Architecture

Following up our list of 20 Niche Perfume Brands You Need to Know Right Now, we present three classic scents from COMME des GARCONS wrapped in new packaging. Created jointly by painter and perfume connoisseur Lindy Foss-Quillet and… Read more
Grooming Nov 12, 2013

20 Niche Perfume Brands You Need to Know Right Now

Scent is an important part of your identity. It communicates more than your clothes or demeanor because one can smell you without looking at or talking to you. It’s one of the most delicate yet strong parts of the human … Read more
Grooming Sep 30, 2013

Monocle x COMME des GARCONS Scent Three: Sugi

Following “Hinoki” and “Laurel,” Monocle Magazine once again reached out to Japanese cult-brand COMME des GARCONS to produce another collaborative scent. Developed in Paris by Antoine Maisondieu, “Sugi” – named after the… Read more
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