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Highsnobiety Op-Ed Sep 11, 2014

Can the Apple Watch Bring Smartwatches to the Mainstream?

Genuine lifestyle phenomenon or cyborg fantasist’s plaything, the debate on the future of “wearable tech” has been raging for some time now. On Tuesday, however, shit – as they say – got real. Regardless of your opinions on Apple… Read more
Highsnobiety Op-Ed Aug 7, 2014

TRENDING: The Longevity of Lana Del Rey

What’s the obsession with Lana Del Rey? Whether positive or negative, nearly every person, publication and pundit seems to have an opinion of the singer. First she was Lizzy Grant, a struggling songstress that the media can’t seem to… Read more
Highsnobiety Op-Ed Jun 3, 2014

100 Things Every Highsnob Man Should Do Before He Dies

We’re an eclectic bunch at Highsnobiety. We’re all different ages, with different passions, living in different cities around the world like Berlin, New York, Montreal and Los Angeles. Every day our goal is to provide not only relevant… Read more
Highsnobiety Op-Ed Apr 10, 2014

Highsnobiety Op-Ed | Sexuality, Clothing and Hip Hop

Around a decade ago the rise of a supposedly positive term left a bitter taste in the mouth of a generation. “Metrosexual,” which was by all means coined and popularized by older white men running morning talk shows, became a … Read more
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