Highsnobiety Q&A

Highsnobiety Q&A Oct 22, 2013

Danny Brown Talks Working Hard, Collaborating and Touring

Catching his breath on some downtime between shows, the Detroit native gave us an insight into working hard, collaborating with other musicians, touring in American and Europe, and more. Old has been met with overwhelmingly positive… Read more
Highsnobiety Q&A Sep 18, 2013

Richie Hawtin Invites You to ENTER.Sake

Richie Hawtin is someone who never seems to lose the thirst to educate himself and so it is perhaps unsurprising that he is in love with one of the smartest countries in the world: Japan. That includes their sake culture … Read more
Highsnobiety Q&A Sep 12, 2013

A$AP Ferg Talks ‘Trap Lord,’ Harmony Korine and Yoda

Following the release of his debut album, Trap Lord, we sat down with Darold Ferguson Jr. – better known as A$AP Ferg - to discuss the making of the record, his inspiration, and his plans for the future. The New York rapper … Read more
Highsnobiety Q&A Aug 12, 2013

A Conversation with WTAPS’ Tetsu Nishiyama aka TET

Tetsu Nishiyama, aka TET, is oftentimes mentioned in the same breath as such illustrious figures as Shinsuke Takizawa, Hiroshi Fujiwara, NIGO or Sk8thing – a group of likeminded creatives who went on to form the nucleus of the Harajuku… Read more
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