Lifestyle Jul 18, 2014

Watch Six New Yorkers Talk About “Finding Cool”

Digital retail platform COOLS recently asked six New Yorkers about what “cool” means to them, in the way that they act, socialize and what they wear. Their answers were put together in “Finding Cool,” a short social documentary that is… Read more
Lifestyle Jul 18, 2014

Amazon Introduces Kindle Unlimited

Amazon follows up their recently revealed Fire, with a bolster to their popular Kindle tablet. Joining a roster of services like Netflix which offer endless viewing, the Seattle-based company has just announced an unlimited e-book… Read more
Lifestyle Jul 18, 2014

Original Lamborghini Countach LP400S Series 1 For Sale

The Lamborghini Countach is one of – if not the – world’s most iconic supercar. Its unmistakable angular lines, wedge-like silhouette, pop-up headlights and scissor doors are the stuff of pure childhood dreams, and its image became a… Read more
Lifestyle Jul 17, 2014

Akomplice x Panda “Into the Wild” Fixed-Gear Bicycle

Inspired by the aesthetic and regenerative qualities of bamboo, Colorado cohorts Akomplice and Panda Bicycles partnered to produce a limited edition “Into the Wild” bicycle. Fashioned from steel joints and a bamboo frame, the design makes… Read more
Lifestyle Jul 16, 2014

Smart Introduces the 2016 Fortwo and Forfour

Daimler has officially introduced the 2016 Smart Fortwo and Smart Forfour. The Fortwo has undergone improvements in virtually all areas and is noticeably more comfortable. The hallmark Smart rear engine concept is being offered for the… Read more
Lifestyle Jul 15, 2014

Ashley Sky Visits Terry Richardson’s Studio

Model sensation Ashley Sky is the latest beauty to visit Terry Richardson’s New York studio. Shot in black and white, the pictorial features Sky in Richardson’s signature plaid shirt and oversized frames, as well as a crop top and leather… Read more
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