Other Nov 7, 2012

Barack Obama by Terry Richardson

Just yesterday Barack Obama has emerged as the victor to become the 44th President of the United States. Not for the first time, President Obama has made his way in front of the lens of star photographer Terry Richardson and Richardson… Read more
Other Oct 23, 2012

STAB Magazine’s ‘How To Love A Woman’

STAB Magazine just released an article titled “How To Love A Woman,” the story is written by Charlie Smith and is accompanied by the clip you see above. Charlie Smith does an excellent job storytelling his way to the answer of … Read more
Other Oct 18, 2012

Video: International Space Station Star Trail Time-Lapse

This video was achived by “stacking” image sequences provided by NASA from the crew at the International Space Station. These stacks create the Star Trails, but furthermore make interesting patterns visible. For example lightning corridors… Read more
Other Oct 16, 2012

Chris Rock to Tour with Dave Chappelle

During an appearance on NBC’s TODAY show, Chris Rock hinted at the possibility of a comedy tour with none-other-than Dave Chappelle. ”Me and Chappelle have been working out, trying to get some stuff together,” Rock said. “But we will see.”… Read more
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