Skateboarding May 22, 2014

Watch Tony Hawk Jump Over a Moving MINI Cooper

Living legend Tony Hawk shows us why they call him “The Birdman” with some of those trademark airborne skills. The skateboarder risks his life by flying over a MINI Cooper Hardtop while it’s on the move. Using no editing tricks … Read more
Skateboarding May 17, 2014

Watch Belief’s “Busy Earning” Skate Video

Skate store Belief have dropped a new skate video, shot locally in their native New York City. With the talents of Rick Castaneda, Dennis Miron, Joseph Gil, Karim Callender, Victor Reyes, Alejandro Batista and Jamel Marshall, the video… Read more
Skateboarding Apr 22, 2014

adidas Skateboarding “Skate Copa” Decks

adidas Skateboarding‘s ongoing Skate Copa collection enters the next round, fueling the anticipation for the upcoming World Cup just a little bit more. Following the soccer jerseys we featured over the last couple of weeks, here comes a… Read more
Skateboarding Apr 15, 2014

Meet 60-Year-Old Skateboarder Neal Unger

We already got used to the fact that there are countless three-year-old toddlers out there who seem more comfortable killing it on a skateboard than any of us walking down the street to the local coffee shop to grab a … Read more
Skateboarding Apr 11, 2014

Paul Rodriguez Introduces Primitive Skateboarding

If you’re a fan of Paul Rodriguez, you’ve no doubt seen his gold-colored skateboards in recent competitions and skate footage. Unbeknownst to P-Rod, the gold motif would mark the beginning of a new era in his life: the birth of… Read more
Skateboarding Mar 22, 2014

Thrasher presents Brian Peacock in “Something Sinister”

Born and raised in Delaware, skateboarder Brian Peacock now calls Shanghai home. Signed with DC Shoes China, the up-and-coming skater also regularly hits up nearby Bangkok, Guangzhou and Shenzhen spots. Thrasher Magazine recently teamed up… Read more
Skateboarding Mar 17, 2014

adidas Skateboarding presents “Skate Copa”

Following the release of each individual jersey, adidas Skateboarding presents the short skate video “Skate Copa.” Featuring Lem Villemin, Mark Gonzales, Raul Navarro, Benny Fairfax and Rodrigo TX, the video pays homage to the German… Read more
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