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Video Games Sep 9, 2013

Sony Unveils the PlayStation Vita TV

Perhaps the most significant and surprising announcement at the SCEJA Press Conference is Sony’s upcoming PlayStation Vita TV. The portable gadget measures in at 6 cm x 10 cm and connects to TVs allowing users to play Vita and PSP games… Read more
Video Games Sep 4, 2013

Google Video Game Console Concept

Although most video game-related talk has been focused around the Xbox One and PS4 lately, industrial designer Joseph Dumary went ahead and imagined what a video game console from Google might look like. Dubbed the Google Nexus Orbit, the… Read more
Video Games Aug 29, 2013

Watch the Official Trailer for ‘Grand Theft Auto V’

Today, Rockstar Games released the official trailer for Grand Theft Auto V. The new trailer gives further insight on the action-packed game, highlighting the characters and Los Santos scenery. Grand Theft Auto V is due out for both Xbox 360… Read more
Video Games Aug 27, 2013

Watch the Official ‘Madden 25′ Release Trailer

Madden 25 is the most recent installment from the iconic series and is out today for the Xbox 360 and PS3. In November, the game will be released as launch titles for both the Xbox One and PS4. Instead of naming the latest … Read more
Video Games Aug 22, 2013

Watch the Official ‘LEGO Marvel Super Heroes’ Trailer

The official gameplay trailers from Gamescon just keep coming. Following on from the second FIFA 14 trailer and the Gran Turismo 6 one, next up comes official footage from the LEGO Marvel Super Heroes video game. In order to destroy Dr. … Read more
Video Games Aug 21, 2013

Watch the Official ‘Gran Turismo 6′ Gameplay Trailer

Off the back of Germany’s Gamescon event comes a glut of gameplay trailers for all video game enthusiasts to enjoy. Here is the official gameplay trailer for Gran Turismo 6, a game centered around a project in which the world’s… Read more
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