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Gadgets Aug 24, 2012

Instagram Socialmatic Camera – Back in Black

Today we can update you all on the much anticipated Socialmatic Camera by ADR Studio. We first presented the Instagram Socialmatic Camera concept in May, it resulted in such high demand, that ADR Design actually went out to look for … Read more
Design May 10, 2012

iPhone Plus Concept

We love iPhone concepts, because not only do they project the future, but they make us dream for more. Based on the most recent rumors of the upcoming iPhone (or iPhone 5 or whatever else you want to call it), … Read more
Design May 8, 2012

Instagram Socialmatic Camera

Another interesting concept design comes from ADR Studio. This time they imagined the Instagram icon becoming a real life digital instant film camera – the outcome is the Instagram Socialmatic Camera. Check out the full concept idea here… Read more
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