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Fashion Apr 15, 2008

Kiks TYO Pop-Up Store @ Laforet Tokyo

Kiks TYO will be opening a pop-up store at the Laforet Hotel in Tokyo, where they will present the work surrounding the Sneaker Lovers project, that they worked on with Aki Hoshino and photographer Yone. Of course they also release … Read more
Other Apr 9, 2008

Aki Hoshino “Sneaker Lover” DVD

Sneaker Lover, a project conceived and directed by KIKS TYO creative director Shinichi Izaki (aka hobby:tech) and released by Goma Books, marks the first collaborative professional effort between its subject, Aki Hoshino and it’s… Read more
Fashion Mar 14, 2008

Kiks TYO x Aki Hoshino x Yone

KIKS TYO, Aki Hoshino and ledgendary Tokyo-based photographer Yasumasa Yonehara (aka Yone) have collaborated on a series of six limited edition “Sneaker Lover” photo print t-shirts that complement and celebrate the release of the new… Read more
Fashion Mar 3, 2008

Kiks TYO x Aki Hoshino Yo! Kiks Parka

Inspired by the recent Yo! MTV Raps collection of Puma, sneaker inspired Tokyo label Kiks TYO has jut released their Yo! Kiks parka. Once again it is an Aki Hoshino collaboration and featuring the model on the inner lining. More … Read more
Fashion Dec 5, 2007

Kiks TYO – Aki Hoshino x Kubrick

Kiks TYO once again released new pieces picturing Aki Hoshino, but this time a little different. Solebox now got in a crewneck sweater and a t-shirt picturing the beauty in the form of a Kubrick! Read more
Fashion Dec 2, 2007

Kiks TYO x Aki Hoshino Christmas Box

Japanese brand Kiks TYO just announced their special Christmas Box Set in collaboration with Aki Hoshino. The Box Set consists of several t-shirts, including also a limited edition Kiks TYO x Aki Hoshino Christmas t-shirt. The box set can… Read more
Fashion Nov 9, 2007


Japanese sneaker inspired brand Kiks TYO is ready to release their next set of t-shirts. Once again they team up with Aki Hoshino, who has almost become the standard to praise their t-shirts. This team they got more people on … Read more
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