Shoes Jan 14, 2012

Alden x Leffot Kudu Longwing Blucher

New York retailer, Leffot, took one of their favorite shoes, the Alden Longwing Blucher, and put their spin on it. This shoe has some great details and would make for an awesome addition to your footwear arsenal, especially if you’re … Read more
Accessories Aug 24, 2011

Alden for Obscura Magazine

Over the past year Alden has been working with Hong Kong based Obscura Magazine by the Silly Thing family. Together they created two collaborative shoes, which will both launch on August 25th, 2011. One of the shoes is a hybrid … Read more
Shoes May 25, 2011

Alden for Obscura Magazine

In their latest issue, Hong Kong based Obscura takes a detailed look at heritage shoemaker Alden. As part of the reporting, Obscura also produced a lace-up and a boot in collaboration with Alden. Furthermore they present a matching shoehorn… Read more
Boots May 17, 2011

Alden ‘Tobacco Chamois’ Barrie Last Chukka

Usually we leave the Alden news to Selectism, but these new ‘Tobacco Chamois’ colored Barrie Last Chukka Boots are too beautiful to pass on. Designed by Leffot (storeguide) and produced by Alden, the boots come with a Goodyear outer… Read more
Shoes Mar 11, 2010

Alden for Blackbird Osgood Series Saddle Shoe

Selectism has a nice story on Blackbird’s latest in-house exclusive with Alden. Seattle recognizes Mr. Frank Osgood as father of their public transportation system. Introducing a horse drawn trolley system in 1894, Osgood begins to… Read more
Shoes Dec 15, 2009

Alden x Blackbird Foss Tugger Workboot

We always appreciate when a quality and heritage shoemaker offers something a little more casual and easy to wear. Today we came across the Foss Tugger Workbook, a collaboration between Alden and Seattle boutique Blackbird. The black… Read more
Shoes Nov 6, 2009

Alden x Blackbird Short Wingtip Blucher

Seattle boutique Blackbird worked with Alden on the Wingtip Blucher. The shoe is made of 100% calf leather, features a blucher style wingtip, and was made exclusively for the store. In our mind definitely a nice interpretation of this… Read more
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