bear foot

Shoes Jul 17, 2008

Visvim FBT Bear Foot

The Visvim FBT Bear Foot has been released in the Honeyee Store. The shoe is based off of the popular Visvim FBT, but comes in the new Visvim Folk look with a thinner sole. Also it has a nice beads … Read more
Fashion Jul 17, 2008

Alphanumeric Fall 2008 Hoodies

Adding to the already popular Alphanumeric Fall 2008 collection are a series of 3 zip hoodies – Norton, Full Tek and Algebra. All feature trademark A# forward design and beautiful details. All of these are available now at Robust Flavor… Read more
Shoes Mar 19, 2008

Visvim Hockney Bear Foot Folk

The Visvim Lhamo Folk has been proven to be widely popular since the launch of Visvims new Folk collection this season. Here we present you the Hockney Bear Foot Folk. The Visvim Hockney Bear Foot Folk looks similar to a … Read more
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