Gadgets Nov 12, 2010

Giorgio Armani x Samsung Galaxy S Phone

Once again Giorgio Armani teams up with Samsung to release yet another phone. This time they present the Galaxy S Android operated phone. “The Android-operated Galaxy S features a 5-megapixel camera, multimedia player, push e-mail and 16… Read more
Gadgets Aug 23, 2009

Dolce & Gabbana x Sony Ericsson Jalou

Jalou by Dolce & Gabbana is a limited edition clamshell handset produced by Sony Ericsson. The Dolce & Gabbana branded phone features a facet cut jewel form and measures in at only 73mm – that’s less than 3 inches. The … Read more
Gadgets Jan 15, 2009

Motorola Aura Video

For some time we have been following the development of the new Motorola high end cellphone, entitled Aura. To be honest we did not expect too much, first of all because the screen seems so small and also because we … Read more
Gadgets Jan 12, 2009

Palm Pre

Most of you should have heard by now of the Palm Pre, the new cellphone coming from Palm. It is about time, and let’s be honest, most people did not expect anything anymore from Palm. Now it seems like they … Read more
Gadgets Dec 19, 2008

Hugo Boss Cellphone

After Prada and Armani, German luxury brand Hugo Boss is the latest to join in on producing a collaborative cellphone with Korean brand Samsung. Leaving the technical specs on the side for a moment, we can only say that we … Read more
Gadgets Dec 18, 2008

Motorola Aura

We still remember the times when every couple of months a new exciting cellphone was hitting the market. That has changed a lot in the last two years. Even though we have more functionality than ever before, it is still … Read more
Uncategorized Oct 19, 2007

Methamphibian x GelaSkin

Artist and sneaker customizer Methamphibian teamed up with Gelaskin, the brand that dresses your gadgets. Methamphibian and GelaSkins iPod, Phone, Laptop will release “Winter”, “Hellcat”, “Poison”. All three designs will be… Read more
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