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Stores Sep 14, 2008

Stussy Vancouver Chapter Store Opening Soon

Up until now the location of the Stussy Vancouver Chapter Store had only been used to launch the Boneyards collection, was thus used as a pop-up store. The permanent Stussy Vancouver Chapter Store will open its doors in October, as … Read more
Fashion Apr 25, 2008

Stussy x Zozo Chapter 1rst Anniversary Products

The Stussy Chapter Store in Zozotown opened about 1 year ago and now they will be celebrating the 1rst anniversary with some special products. They wil be releasing some classic Stussy t-shirts in several colorways and also the Skullacons… Read more
Fashion Dec 4, 2007

Stussy Chapter Store Honolulu

This past weekend, Stussy opened their latest Chapter Store, in Honolulu on Hawaii. “Stussy Honolulu features original artwork by NYC graffiti legend, Ghost, as well as personal touches from Leilow’s Jules Gayton, an original member of… Read more
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