Art May 29, 2012

Coarse ‘The Rise of Pain in Dreams’ Vinyl Figure

Marking the 5th anniversary of their first 1:3 vinyl figure release, coarse presents “the rise of pain in dreams”. Hand sculpted by Mark Landwehr in the distinctive coarse style and first shown in Chicago in 2010, it has taken coarse… Read more
Toys Oct 4, 2011

Coarse oopCr – Chrome Plated Vinyl Toy Set

Coarse Toys presents their latest release and it is a good one. This coarse release presents the two embryos in their most attention-catching interpretation. The exceptional set includes two 7” [18cm] shimmering chrome plated vinyl… Read more
Toys Mar 4, 2011

Coarse Oop Loser Toy Set

Coarse is at it again and presents the new Oop Loser Toy Set. Consisting of two toys, the characters are essentially embryo versions of their two most popular characters. As usual both quality of the toy and packaging are very … Read more
Toys Jul 19, 2009

Coarse Paw! Spectrum Toys

Coarse Toys follows up on their recent releases and presents an exclusive new version of their Paw! toy for SDCC – the Paw! Spectrum. The line-up consists of three colors – yellow, blue and purple. “The paw! spectrum series is … Read more
Toys Jun 23, 2009

Coarse x Pixie “Jaws” Toy

Coarse Toys got together with Pixie to collaborate on their popular Jaws character. The details are currently unreleased, but it appears as though the toy will be adorned with a camouflage pattern. The figure should make it’s debut during… Read more
Toys Feb 23, 2009

Coarse x Rotofugi Jaws Releasing Soon

Coarse Toys got together with toy store and gallery Rotofugi to collaborate on their Jaws character. The outcome is a darker version of the toy, looking equally hot as the original. They will soon release this collaborative version, which… Read more
Toys Feb 10, 2009

Coarse “Jaws” Toy

We are following the designer toy market now for several years and just like with many other markets that gain popularity, the toy market has also seen a massive increase in releases. Among these releases you find some interesting new … Read more
Toys Jan 11, 2009

Coarse Paw! “Pain” Edition Toy

Not long ago we gave you a look at the recent Coarse exhibition in Berlin, where they also previewed this new “pain” edition of their Paw! toy. Today we can inform you, that the toy will be released on January … Read more
Art Dec 10, 2008

Coarse Toys Exhibition @ 4010 Berlin | Preview

We had the pleasure of checking out the Coarse Toys exhibition right before the opening today. Most of you should be familiar with the Hong Kong based premium toy makers. With most of their toys being handmade in very limited … Read more
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