David Choe

Fashion Mar 23, 2012

David Choe ‘Fat Cap’ City Tees

Here’s some David Choe news not pertaining to his millions and millions of dollars. The artist has created this series of tees with San Francisco’s FIFTY24SF Gallery and they’re available now at Upper Playground. The tees feature the… Read more
Art Feb 10, 2012

Barbara Walters Interviews David Choe

We are sure you all now about David Choe and what went on with his shares of Facebook stock he received back in 2005 for painting the social network’s offices. In case you missed that news, it turns out his … Read more
Art Feb 4, 2012

The 15 Richest Living Artists

Last week we reported about David Choe being paid in 2005 in stock by Facebook, for painting murals in their offices. That stock might become worth 200 Million USD, after Facebook’s IPO and official stock market listing. Complex took a… Read more
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