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Music Sep 10, 2014

9 Successful Musicians Turned Fashion Designers

Over the years, the relationship between music and fashion is one that’s become inescapably intertwined. Rewarding when done right, it’s also a largely precarious venture and a crossover is not as easy as it seems. There’s been a… Read more
Sneakers Jul 4, 2012

Disturbing London x Nike Blazer

Tinie Tempah’s clothing line, Disturbing London, has teamed up with Nike on an exclusive Blazer sneaker. The sneaker comes limited to 60 pairs, that will release at 6 secret locations in London. Nike UK is starting a #blazerhunt for the… Read more
Fashion Nov 26, 2011

Disturbing London x MHI Denim Shirt

Disturbing London and MHI gave us a look at their upcoming denim shirt, and in turn, we are sharing the news with you. This washed indigo shirt features a grouping of embroidered icons on the front, but the sleeves and … Read more
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