Accessories Jun 11, 2011

Free Ai Weiwei glasses

Show your support for missing Chinese artist and activist Ai Weiwei by making these DIY ‘Free Ai Weiwei’ glasses. Just print out the PDF and follow the simple instructions. More views after the jump. Read more
Uncategorized Jun 7, 2011

FREE Ai Weiwei Glasses

“Make your own FREE Ai Weiwei glasses today!! Download the post card PDF, print double sided, cut and mount the parts!! Show off your pair of FREE Ai Weiwei glasses!!” - Aram Bartholl, 2011. The FREE Ai Weiwei glasses make … Read more
Uncategorized Jun 1, 2008

Fitted Hawaii “The Exploited” T-Shirt

Since the mid 70’s, early 80’s, punk rock served as an outlet for “outsiders” who considered themselves “anti-establishment”. Groups such as the world renowned Ramones, Sex Pistols & The Clash paved the way for modern day punk… Read more
Skateboarding Feb 18, 2008

Funiv – Fiberops x Univ Wheelie Board

Introducing the FUNIV Wheelie Board product brought to you by the fine folks at Fiberops and UNIV. The FUNIV is a shape-your-own skateboard in the D.I.Y. spirit of both of these San Diego-based brands. Featuring durable 7-ply hardrock maple… Read more
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