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Music Mar 18, 2013

Watch Earl Sweatshirt Perform “WHOA” at SXSW

During his SXSW debut, Odd Future’s Earl Sweatshirt took to the stage at the FADER Fort and gave the crowd a dope performance of his current single ”WHOA.” With Flying Lotus by his side — and spectators dumbstruck by his lyricism — Earl’s… Read more
Music Dec 4, 2012

Music Video: Earl Sweatshirt – Chum

This is the first music video for Earl Sweatshirt since “EARL,” the visual that is responsible for putting both him and his Odd Future crew in the limelight. The official music video for Earl’s latest single “Chum” adds some… Read more
Music Nov 20, 2012

Weekly Disqussion: Who is Captain Murphy?

This past week, Captain Murphy released his first official mixtape titled Duality. Meaning “the state or quality of being two or in two parts,” Duality has certainly garnished the attention that debut mixtapes strive to receive. Many… Read more
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