Toys Jul 30, 2012

Batman 1/4th Scale Figure by Hot Toys

The UK’s Hot Toys have released a really awesome and highly detailed Batman figure as played by Christian Bale from The Dark Knight Rises. The 1/4th scale collectible figure is approximately 18.5 inches tall and it features the following:… Read more
Art Jun 18, 2012

Moist Production 18″ Lego Men Dissected

Moist Production is back with yet another dissected classic. Many of you know the dissected Kaws figures, but seeing the same idea on an 18 inch Lego men is definitely pretty cool too. Designer Jason Freeny from Moist created three… Read more
Toys Jan 3, 2012

The Steve Jobs Action Figure

Well, this comes with no surprise. Inicons presents a 1:6 scale Steve Jobs Action Figure. The late Apple founder and CEO is presented in his usual outfit, including a pair of jeans, black pullover and of course New Balance sneakers. … Read more
Art Dec 14, 2010

K.Olin x Kozik Potamus Anarchy Porcelain Figures

A couple of weeks ago we first reported about K.Olin and their porcelain work with Steph Cop. Here comes now the second figure of the French porcelain manufacturers, this time working with artist Kozik. Kozik is well known for his … Read more
Toys Nov 30, 2009

Sponge Bob Figurine by Karl Lagerfeld

A special Sponge Bob Figurine that was customized by Karl Lagerfeld was recently auctioned off at a WWF charity auction in Paris. Many celebraties had signed icnic objects linked to the cartoon character. Karl Lagerfeld went a little… Read more
Toys Dec 22, 2008

Methamphibian 12″ Custom Figures

Better known for his sneaker customizations, Methamphibian presents a set of five new custom 12″ figures, which turned out incredible. From the clothing, accessories to the overall look, the figures have been completely changed and… Read more
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