fixed gear biking

Sneakers Jun 10, 2008

Vans 45LX “Fixed”

Fixed gear biking seems to be all over the place at the moment and now shoe companies also start paying some more attention, developing footwear specifically for fixed gear riders. We present you the Vans 45LX "Fixed". "From any other … Read more
Books & Magazines Jan 13, 2008

Cog Magazine

Cog Magazine is a new online magazine concentrating on fixed gear biking. The first issue of the magazine is online now, consisting of an interview with bike builder Jonny Cycles and an article on the Tokyo Pisto Explosion. Interesting… Read more
Other Sep 12, 2007

Mash SF Feature @ Freshness

Freshness has conducted a rather extensive feature on Mash SF and interviewed four of their riders – Massan, Jonathan Burkett, James Newman and Chris Collins. It’s an interesting feature on some interesting personalities in one of the… Read more
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