glow in the dark

Gadgets Jun 18, 2008

Nooka GID Watch For Kanye West

Nooka made 15 glow-in-the-dark watches exclusively for Kanye West’s Glow In The Dark Tour. Most of these watches went to him directly and for now it looks like they will not be going on sale at all. We will keep … Read more
Toys Apr 19, 2008

Usugrow x Secret Base – GID Rebel Ink

Japanese artist Usugrow worked on a new version of his Rebel Ink toy together with Secret Base. This time it comes in a glow-in-the-dark version. The release is not far away, so keep your eyes open. Via Glltn. More pictures … Read more
Other Apr 2, 2008

Nike Virtual Sports – GID Spray

Here comes an interesting and potentially quite useful product from Nike – the Virtual Spray. In essence it is a glow-in-the-dark spray, which enables you to to play in the dark and to create your own playground and environment and … Read more
Toys Mar 23, 2008

Bird God GID By James Jarvis

Silver members of the Amos online store can pre-order the Bird God toy from today. A limited amount of sets, and individuals of all colours (including the exclusive Glow In The Dark version) are available now! Shipping for all Bird … Read more
Toys Mar 12, 2008

Amos Birdgod GID

Soon Amos will be releasing a glow-in-the-dark version of their Birdgod toy. Here you see a first image of the Birdgod “Darkness” version. More info to come when we get closer to the release. Read more
Fashion Mar 6, 2008

Santastic x Samurai Magazine Hoodies

Once again Samurai Magazine from Japan collaborates with one of the brands that they cover on a regular – Santastic, that we have previously seen collaborate with Kaws on a toy and matching t-shirt. The two created 2 hoodies – … Read more
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