Lifestyle Oct 31, 2013

Google Unveils Second Generation Google Glass

Although the first generation Google Glass has yet to see a wide release, Google has already unveiled the second generation of the device. Presented with a new hardware update, the redesign of the wearable augmented reality (AR) unit will… Read more
Lifestyle Oct 18, 2013

A First Look at the Google Nexus 5

Although leaks have been surfacing for some time now of Google’s upcoming Nexus 5, last night’s leak on the Google Play Store provides the best image yet of what consumers can expect. Accompanying the 16GB smartphone was the text… Read more
Gadgets Oct 2, 2013

LEGO Calendar Digitally Syncs to Google Calendar

Created by UK-based design studio, vitamins, this cloud-based calendar brings together the need for digital syncing with the want for a physical, tactile organization system. Add to that the fact it’s made from the most iconic building… Read more
Tech Sep 4, 2013

Google Teams Up with Nestlé for Android 4.4 KitKat

Keeping in line with its savory operating system names, Google has announced its latest Android platform done in collaboration with Nestlé’s confectionary treat Kit Kat. Although the team-up seems like a belated April Fool’s joke, both… Read more
Video Games Sep 4, 2013

Google Video Game Console Concept

Although most video game-related talk has been focused around the Xbox One and PS4 lately, industrial designer Joseph Dumary went ahead and imagined what a video game console from Google might look like. Dubbed the Google Nexus Orbit, the… Read more
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