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Accessories Jan 6, 2012

iPhone 4 Legacy Case

If you remember, we presented a while ago the Mangusta Legacy car concept by designer Maxime de Keiser. The design was a tribute to the original Mangusta sports car from 1967. Now de Keiser and Les Forges MDK studio worked … Read more
Gadgets Jan 3, 2012

Sled Leather iPhone Backs

There’s no doubt when it comes to the immense popularity, and the volume to match, when it comes to iPhone accessories. We have all seen our share of them be it $10,000 14k gold cases, camera lens attachments, glass backs, … Read more
Gadgets Dec 20, 2011

Miansai’s $10,000 iPhone 4 Case

We recently showed you this 14k solid gold iPhone 4 case here, but now we present to you a much cleaner look at this case from Miansai. That’s no typo in the title, it really costs 10g’s – the fact … Read more
Accessories Sep 30, 2011

Lucien Pellat-Finet iPhone 4 Case

French designer Lucien Pellat-Finet has released this black iPhone 4 case that has a white skull and hemp monogram printed on the back, with the designer’s name and brand motif on the reverse. This is available from Aloha Rag. More … Read more
Gadgets May 26, 2011

Kogeto Dot Panoramic iPhone 4 Camera

This is why we love Kickstarter, so that these kind of projects can actually become reality. Kogeto presents dot, the ‘world’s smallest panoramic camera’. In fact it is only a special lense mount that you can add to the iPhone … Read more
Gadgets Apr 27, 2011

Apple iPhone 4 White Edition Release Announced

Finally Apple has officially announced the white version of the iPhone 4. Technically it is the same phone as the black version, yet many have been waiting for months for the white version to release. The official release date for … Read more
Gadgets Apr 26, 2011

Leica i9 iPhone 4 Case Concept

What are the chances of an Apple x Leica collab? Perhaps closer than we think. The Leica i9 for iPhone 4 is a conceptual project that works to combine two iconic products, while addressing the key design elements of both … Read more
Gadgets Jan 13, 2011

Polaroid iPhone Decal

Similar to the Leica M9 iPhone Skin, Photojojo have produced a cool new Polaroid iPhone Decal, which makes your iPhone 4 look like the old Rainbow OneStep Polaroid Land Camera. Unlike the M9 skin, you can actually buy this one! … Read more
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