Gadgets Feb 7, 2013

iPhone 5 Mophie Juice Pack Helium

The Mophie Juice Pack helium for iPhone 5 is fitted with 80% more battery life to refill your iPhone when it’s draining its last battery reserves. 13% slimmer than any of their previous battery packs, you may not feel the … Read more
Gadgets Jan 9, 2013

A $100 – $150 iPhone on the Horizon?

Several news outlets are reporting a rumor on a cheaper iPhone that could possibly be released by the end of the year. The target market for this cheaper device would be developing markets, where the price of the iPhone isn’t … Read more
Tech Jan 1, 2013

Chameleon Clock App for the iPad and iPhone

The Chameleon Clock app for the iPad and iPhone uses each device’s rear facing camera to blend with its natural surroundings. The end result is a seemingly transparent device with a bold clock display. The clock’s numbers can be… Read more
Other Dec 13, 2012

Google Maps for iPhone is Here

Finally, Google Maps for iPhone is here. You can download Google Maps right now on the App Store. Google Maps can take you to all seven continents and even the moon. Experience Street View, 3D mapping, turn-by-turn directions, indoor… Read more
Accessories Nov 3, 2012

Holga iPhone 5 Lens Filter Kit

Holga has released an upgraded version of their best selling accessory for the iPhone 5. The add-on includes 9 different filters ranging from color filters to special effects. The accessory comes in black and simply snaps onto your device… Read more
Accessories Oct 10, 2012

C6 Designed for Your Digital Life

The C6 hard cases for iPhone 4 and 4S are available in both matt and gloss finishes. The case precisely follows the contours of your iPhone offering minimum styling with unparalleled protection. A soft fabric inlay protects your iPhone from… Read more
Accessories Oct 9, 2012

Odd Future Snap Cases for iPhone 4S

Odd Future hosted their first ever OFWGKTA Carnival in association with Incase as part of the final stop of the Camp Flog Gnaw tour in Los Angeles. To celebrate the event, Incase partnered with Odd Future and harnessed their creative… Read more
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