Fashion May 14, 2012

A T-Shirt of the Marc Jacobs x Kidult T-Shirt

This story is becoming interesting. So, first Kidult tags ‘ART’ all over the Marc Jacobs Mercer Street store front. We assumed at the time that it was a marketing stunt, especially once Jacobs released a t-shirt with the store front … Read more
Art May 11, 2012

Marc Jacobs x Kidult ‘Art by Art Jacobs’ T-Shirt

We have to hand it to Marc Jacobs. The other day we reported about French graffiti artist tagging ‘ART’ all over the designer’s SOHO outpost and this week, they present the ‘Art by Art Jacobs’ t-shirt together. It certainly looks… Read more
Art May 9, 2012

Kidult Tags SoHo Marc Jacobs Store

Kidult has added to his growing list of victims, this time by tagging the Marc Jacobs store in SoHo with the word ‘ART’ spray painted across the front. From what we hear, store employees were a bit shook when they … Read more
Art Sep 8, 2011

Kidult Tags Hermès Paris Store With ‘Love’

The still rather new Hermès Paris store, which was built in a former swimming pool, has been hit by graffiti artist Kidult. Rather than putting his ‘KID’ tag up, he this time covered both shop windows with a big ‘LOVE’. … Read more
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