Design Feb 17, 2011

Jenny Back’s Lean Lamp

Shown in Stockholm, Jenny Back’s Lean features a simple lampshade attached to a bronze handle. Supported by a coated triangular base, the brass creates great contrast with the black and white surface options of both base and shade… Read more
Design Feb 11, 2011

Tosca Table Lamp

Created by Designwork in 2007, the Tosca Table Lamp is produced by Italian manufacturer Foscarini. With three base choices, the interchangeable scheme only amplifies the handsome nature of the basic aesthetic. It’s simple, clean, and… Read more
Design Jan 3, 2011

Bonsai Lamp

Geared for both indoor and outdoor use, the Bonsai Lamp is a wireless recharging light source (with LED) produced in a massive variety of colors. Inspiration, of course, comes from the Bonsai tree which provides a basis for shape. The … Read more
Design Dec 29, 2010

Book Rest Lamp

From the aggressively named Suck UK comes the Book Rest Lamp. The rather sophisticated design (yes, still quite simple in articulation) solves a common bedside problem – how to keep ones page when needing a quick break. The Book Rest … Read more
Design Aug 13, 2010

Cho Hyung Suk’s B-Chain Lamp

Being as I like bicycles as much as I like light, Cho Hyung Suk’s B-Chain Lamp gets a nod of approval. The chain based design allows for flexibility in the lamp’s structure – i.e. it is adjustable – as well … Read more
Design Apr 27, 2010

Copper Lamps by David Derksen

Delicate and handsome, David Derksen’s Copper Lamps are made of .1mm copper foil. The strips are cut and soldered together for form the pendents, with three different shapes suited to several interior applications. Derksen has worked with… Read more
Design Aug 31, 2009

Skate Study House “Launch of Cool”

Modernist inspired, skate driven, the Skate Study House team produces limited run furnishings with a solid mixed aesthetic. The “Launch of Cool” collection includes clock, lamp, and hang-up. Each piece is individually hand made. For a… Read more
Design Jul 27, 2009

Object of Sound

Paris’ Nocc Studio has produced a series of objects built from graphics produced by a person’s voice pronouncing the objects name. Called “Object of Sound” the collection uses a 3D form of the sound and creates candles, vases, and… Read more
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