Art Apr 12, 2011

The Insolent Eye: Jarry in Art

The Insolent Eye is on view in Philadelphia through May 15, 2011. Locks Gallery presents an immersive exhibition in homage to French author Alfred Jarry (1873-1907), on display from April 1 to May 13, 2011. Contemporary artists Thomas… Read more
Art Dec 25, 2009

The Divine Jane: Reflections on Austen

This short film was produced for The Morgan Library’s exhibition A Women’s Wit: Jane Austen’s Life and Legacy. Six interviewees discuss Austen’s enduring fame and the influence of her fiction. At 15 minutes, it’s both educational… Read more
Art Oct 23, 2009

500 Ways of Looking at Modern

Jim Cuno, Director of the Art Institute of Chicago, introduces the museum’s year long program 500 Ways of Looking at Modern. Celebrating the new Modern Wing, the programing series brings in art, lectures, literature, music, and more. A… Read more
Books & Magazines Jul 17, 2009

Abe’s Penny: A Micro-Magazine

Created by Anna and Tess Knoeble, Abe’s Penny is a monthly micro-magazine conceived in a series of four postcards. With each card, a narrative unfolds (on card for each week of the month). They follow the form of traditional postcards… Read more
Books & Magazines Dec 5, 2008

Holly Rose Review

A new online journal combining poetry and tattoos, the Holly Rose Review hosts some great images. It’s a novel connection and the balance comes off well in the initial offering. (Via Needled). Read more
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