Other Dec 18, 2012

The Evolution of the Batman Logo

Artist Cathryn Lavery has created a poster documenting the evolution of the Batman logo from its introduction in Batman & Robin: The Boy Wonder to Christopher Nolan’s The Dark Knight Rises. The logo sure has seen a lot of iterations … Read more
Design Sep 13, 2012

eBay Debuts New Logo

Following in the footsteps of Microsoft, eBay is debuting a new logo. 17 years in, they’re replacing the original stacked logo in favor of a cleaner identity, reflecting eBays transformation from a fun start-up to a multi-billion dollar… Read more
Design Aug 23, 2012

Microsoft Presents New Logo

Microsoft has had some difficult years. Once being the prime example of the digital boom, companies like Google and Facebook have occupied the spot in the last 10 years. WIth major product releases ahead of them, including a recently… Read more
Basketball Apr 30, 2012

The Brooklyn Nets Logo – Here it is

Today the new Brooklyn Nets Logo was finally unveiled. After a nice advertising campaign, hinting at the new design and much anticipation, the day has come. As expected Jay-Z and his team present a clean and timeless looking design for … Read more
Design Jul 29, 2010

Bill Gardner’s 2010 Logo Design Trends

Anyone interested in graphic identities and logo design should check out Bill Gardner’s 2010 report as quickly as possible. Every year, Gardner assesses trends and gives a comprehensive run down of the current modes popular in the field… Read more
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