mongolian bbq

Sneakers Oct 29, 2008

Puma Adds The First Round To Mongolian BBQ

Launched in 2005, Puma’s Mongolian BBQ program is the most inspired customization project out. What it lacks in footwear choices, it has made up for in materials and sheer fun. They’ve added the First Round, for the first time folding… Read more
Sneakers Nov 15, 2007

Puma Basket @ Mongolian BBQ

The Puma Mongolian BBQ offers since today also the customization of the classic Puma Basket. For those out there, for whom the RS 100 was too technical or just not your style, you can now spice up something a little … Read more
Sneakers Nov 10, 2007

Puma Mongolian BBQ x W Hotels

With Mongolian barbeques, the question isn’t always chicken or beef. Now that Puma and W hotels have teamed up to launch a Mongolian shoe barbeque, it’s also a question of leather or suede, red or purple, as W Hotel guests … Read more
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