Accessories Jun 26, 2014

Nendo “Draftsman 01″ Scale Wristwatches

Japanese design studio Nendo have released a collection of watches, inspired by the markers used on calibrated rulers. Like on a clear plastic ruler, the markers are printed straight onto the crystal case rather than the watch’s face… Read more
Art Jun 30, 2011

Akio Hirata’s Exhibition of Hats by Nendo

Akio Hirata has been making hats for 70 years. The longevity of career and skill in hand-production prompting not just impetus for a retrospective, but also inventiveness at the hand of exhibition designers Nendo. To make Hirat’s hats… Read more
Architecture May 11, 2011

Puma House Tokyo by Nendo

I love the juxtaposition of concrete and wood in Nendo’s design for a Puma showroom in Tokyo. The space, Puma House, serves as both showroom and press event center and utilizes timber staircases as displays. It is a great use … Read more
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