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Art Jun 30, 2009

Jeff Koons at Serpentine Gallery | Preview

Opening on July 2, 2009, Jeff Koons’ exhibition at the Serpentine Gallery is subject of a preview slide show from the Guardian. The show is Koons’ first solo show in Britain, and runs until September 13, 2009. More images follow. Read more
Art May 11, 2009

CCA Art Bus

The CCA Art Bus launched last Thursday. The initiative transforms an out of service Liverpool double decker into a mobile art gallery. Touring schools and public venues, the bus brings art to those whose access to cultural institutions… Read more
Art May 4, 2009

The Artist in the Age of Publicity

This October, Tate Modern mounts an exhibition driven by a re-reading of pop art and its legacy. The key, since the 1980s artists have successfully driven their own ‘brands,’ through well conceived (mostly) self promotion and c0-opted… Read more
Art Apr 6, 2009

Mauro Perucchetti “Apopalyptic”

Apopalyptic brings Mauro Perucchetti’s blend of pop and conceptual art to London for the first time in form of a solo show. Halcyon Gallery in Mayfair plays host, and Perucchetti’s incorporation of familiar pop icons provides soil for… Read more
Art Jun 5, 2008

Swifty Pop Art

Having designed for Mo’ Wax, Blue Note and Talkin’ Loud, designer Swifty has a pretty solid reputation. His recent artwork, plays on pop art, and even boasts a direct interpretation of Warhol’s soup cans, will be available at Brick… Read more
Books & Magazines Aug 20, 2007

Koons by Taschen

Those of you interested in art have of course heard about Jeff Koons. All the rest of you has probably seen the Supreme skateboard decks designed by the artist. Now Taschen Books has released an exciting book on Jeff Koons. … Read more
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