Accessories Sep 2, 2013

Ray-Ban Folding Clubmaster

Ray-Ban infuses their iconic Clubmaster silhouette with the same folding capability we’ve seen applied to their classic Wayfarer and Aviator. Although the sunglasses look the same as previous models when worn, they pack up tightly for a… Read more
Accessories Jul 7, 2013

Ray-Ban Clubmaster Aluminium Collection

It looks like the popular Wayfarer design has some serious competition this summer with a new iteration of Ray-Ban‘s iconic Clubmaster. The Ray-Ban Clubmaster Aluminium has the same distinct 1950s-inspired look but has been modernized… Read more
Accessories Jun 26, 2013

Ray-Ban 2013 Folding Wayfarer Collection

Ray-Ban’s classic Wayfarer silhouette has been reinvented once again into a compact, practical and portable folding style. The Wayfarer has always been an authentic icon of unconventional spirit reinterpreted into sunglasses of timeless… Read more
Weekly Outfit Jun 21, 2013

The Weekly Outfit: Saved by the Bell

Zack Morris, Kelly Kapowski, A.C. Slater – do these names ring a bell (no pun intended)? Those of you who grew up in the early to mid-’90s might have already guessed it. That’s right, Saved by the Bell. The quintessential ’90s high… Read more
Accessories Jun 12, 2013

Ray-Ban Wayfarer “Ice-Pop” Collection

Upgrade your summer outfit with Ray-Ban‘s latest offering that includes the iconic Wayfarer sunglasses in a bunch of summery candy colors. Available in a total of six different translucent colorways and matching color lenses, you can cop… Read more
Accessories May 29, 2013

Ray-Ban Summer 2013 Wayfarer Collection

Ray-Ban releases its iconic Wayfarer sunglasses in exciting new designs for Summer 2013. Overall the brand splits up the collection into the “Original Wayfarer Surf Up” and “Original Wayfarer Patchwork” offering, which sees the… Read more
Fashion Feb 22, 2013

The Weekly Outfit: The Wild One

For this week’s installment of The Weekly Outfit we take up where we left off and once again travel even further back in time. This time to the 1950s, taking sartorial inspiration from one of the decade’s greatest movie icons: … Read more
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