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Footwear Sep 9, 2014

size? x Reebok Pastels “Seaglass” Pack

Following the release of the “Purple Oasis” pack, UK retailer size? has teamed up with Reebok on the “Seaglass” pack. Continuing the collaboration’s pastel theme, the follow-up colorway sees the Reebok Workout and Reebok Classic… Read more
Sneakers Feb 15, 2012

Reebok Workout 25th Anniversary – A Full Look

Over the last 4 weeks we have revealed each of the 15 retailer collaborations from the Reebok Workout 25th Anniversary through our dedicated microsite. To celebrate the special occasion of the iconic sneaker, Reebok has teamed up with some… Read more
Sneakers Feb 14, 2012

Patta x Reebok Workout 25th Anniversary

Here is now the last retailer collaboration for the Reebok 25th Anniversary. Over the last weeks we have presented 14 already and the 15th comes together with Amsterdam boutique Patta. Patta chose to go with an all grey pony hair … Read more
Sneakers Feb 13, 2012

Shoe Gallery x Reebok Workout 25th Anniversary

Here is the next retail collaboration for the 25th Anniversary of the iconic Reebok Workout. Miami’s Shoe Gallery decided to go with a shoe that was inspired by ‘The Circle’ in downtown Miami. Featuring a beige leather and suede… Read more
Sneakers Feb 11, 2012

Limited Edt x Reebok Workout 25th Anniversary

The designers at Singapore’s Limited Edt drew inspiration from a vintage 1986 bottle of local brew Tiger Beer to design their 25th anniversary Reebok Workout Plus. The signature blue and orange colours of Tiger Beer are applied to both… Read more
Sneakers Feb 8, 2012

Kasina x Reebok Workout 25th Anniversary

Today we can show you the collaboration between Reebok and Korean retailer Kasina for the 25th anniversary of the iconic Workout Plus sneaker. For the project, Kasina choose tweed mixed with leather and a vintage style outsole to keep… Read more
Sneakers Feb 6, 2012

atmos x Reebok Workout 25th Anniversary

After BEATNIC, we today present the collaboration between Reebok and Japanese retailer atmos for the 25th anniversary 0f the iconic Workout Plus. atmos continues to work with an all-over glow-in-the-dark design, as we have seen many times… Read more
Sneakers Feb 5, 2012

BEATNIC x Reebok Workout 25th Anniversary

After having recently unveiled the Foot Patrol, Espionage and Sneakersnstuff collaborations with Reebok for the Workout 25th Anniversary celebrations, we now move on to the next one. Fullerton California store BEATNIC was also invited to… Read more
Sneakers Feb 2, 2012

Espionage x Reebok Workout 25th Anniversary

Next up in the Reebok 25th Anniversary retailer collaboration series is Sydney, Australia’s Espionage. Believe it or not, the purple design is based on the carrot. According to Espionage, thousands of years ago the carrot was in fact… Read more
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